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Letter of Reference for Lucia Holt: Supervising Psychologist
Rose Marie Vella: Graduate Psychologist

I am very pleased to write this testimonial letter for Lucia Holt. I have been supervised by Lucia Holt for the past four years while I studied in the Master and Doctorate courses of Counselling Psychology. Lucia’s supervision was outstanding. Her highly professional supervision style, delivered from a person-centered perspective was excellent and matched my supervision needs. Lucia’s insightfulness in regards to my specific learning style meant that our supervision sessions were extremely productive and contained high quality researched based discussions relating to psychological practice and theory.

I was often impressed by Lucia’s wide range of knowledge that included the areas of ethical standards, theoretical frameworks and a wide range of knowledge in counselling practice. Lucia’s reflective style during my case presentations frequently helped me to further develop my skills in case formulations. Lucia’s high quality supervision also supported me to extend my insight into the influential factors that may be impacting on the presenting circumstances.

In addition, Lucia was extremely diligent in her completion and timely delivery of progress reports that were required to meet AHPRA specifications.

What is most outstanding about Lucia’s supervision is that it is delivered in a professional but personal perspective that incorporates the supervisee’s holistic needs. Lucia has excellent rapport building skills. Her supervision style and caring manner can only be respected.

In closing, I would like to say that Lucia Holt’s supervision during my time as a provisional psychologist has vastly extended my knowledge in psychology and professional practice. With her excellent supervision I have been able to achieve full general psychology registration. I believe it would be a tremendous asset to have Lucia Holt as a supervising psychologist. She is a supervisor with whom I am proud to practice in the area of psychology.

You may reach me via e-mail at vella.rosemarie.r@edumail.vic.gov.au . I will be happy to provide additional information regarding my experience as Lucia Holt’s supervisee.

Rose Marie Vella
Graduate- Psychologist.

Rose Marie Vella

Cortex Counselling and Consulting
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